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HIRE your Virtual Assistant Partner Today!

IMPROVE the efficiency and productivity of your business with the help of our Chicago-based virtual assistant company. Our experienced team provides top-notch remote administrative and support services for businesses of all sizes, typically over the internet.

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Low Price

Dedicated Assistant

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Advantages of partnering with us

Built to Fit

We offer the most affordable prices in the market with no additional costs.

Work with the same assistant every day to build loyalty, trust, and a long-term relationship.

We use a personalized hiring process to find the perfect assistants for you and your team. 

Are you looking for a Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant is a smart move for businesses looking to improve their efficiency and save money. With our virtual assistant, you can access the support you need without incurring the costs and hassles of hiring in-office employees.

Email Management


Web Design

Content Writing

Graphic Design

Improve your cash flow with a Virtual Assistant Partner.

Get a skilled virtual partner to help you achieve your business goals, so you can get on with what's important while they look after the time-consuming tasks. Our Virtual Partnership services help busy entrepreneurs and small businesses free themselves from daily repetitive tasks and admin duties. Kalinaw Virtual offers a network of experienced, educated, and dedicated assistants. An efficient virtual partner helps you save time, produces outcomes of the highest caliber, forges lasting working relationships, and eventually increases your profitability.

Get more savings by getting a full-time partner today!

Hire a full-time virtual partner and focus on the growth of your company or brand, not the repetitive tasks and tedious admin duties. Start getting back your most important resource--time.

Questions? Suggestions? Send us a message and we'll get back to you shortly.

1658 N Milwaukee Ave, STE B PMB 4013,Chicago, IL 60647


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